Water Research , Development  and Innovation Roadmap

Water Research , Development and Innovation Roadmap

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Description: Henry Roman presents this presentations for water research, fresh water issues and energy innovation and development. We concern these topics in this presentations are The DST, National System of Innovation, Environmental Services and Technologies, Science & Technology for Water Security. DST stands for Department of Science and Technology and their vision is create a prosperous society that derives enduring and equitable benefits from science and technology.

develop, coordinate and manage a National System of Innovation (NSI) that will bring about maximum human capital, sustainable economic. Growth and improved quality of life for all.A 10 year plan to guide the investment in waste RDI in SA. Road map is focus on Product, process & organisational innovation Funding requirements Skills development.

More pressure on sewage treatment systems, water distribution networks and food security. By 2025 South Africans will experience a more effective and responsive Water Sector due to a more streamlined water technology innovation cycle that is able to bridge the divide between research and research products reaching the market. Achieved by Playing an information brokering role by being informed of national and international developments as well as offering strategic advice around water technology issues.

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