Environmental Security and its Elements in the EU and Latin America

Environmental Security and its Elements in the EU and Latin America

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Description: This energy presentation is about Environmental Security and its Elements in the EU and Latin America - “The relation between the environment and the security of humans and nature”-Institute for Environmental Security. Sub-elements of Environmental Security Concept: Environmental security is environmental viability for life support, with three sub-elements: –preventing or repairing military damage to the environment–preventing or responding to environmentally caused conflicts–protecting the environment due to its inherent moral value. Renewable energy - Any energy resource that is naturally regenerated over a short time scale and derived directly from the sun (such as thermal, photochemical, and photoelectric), indirectly from the sun (such as wind, hydropower, and photosynthetic energy stored in biomass), or from other natural movements and mechanisms of the environment (such as geothermal and tidal energy).

Renewable energy does not include energy resources derived from fossil fuels, waste products from fossil sources, or waste products from inorganic sources. Green Energy Developments. How to obtain energy sources without destruction of the environment? The main alternative sources that have been identified are wind power; solar power; energy extracted from certain vegetable plants (biofuels); energy from sweet, waterfalls and dams (hydroelectric) Background in EU The importance of renewable energy use was settled in Treaty of Lisbon in 2007: –EUROPE 2020: 10-year strategy ...Please navigate Paper pages for more details.

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