Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Components and Systems

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Components and Systems

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Description: This energy presentation is about Products for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles that contains Electric and Hybrid Vehicles that reduce CO2 emissions are equipped with some specific products not found in conventional gasoline powered vehicles. DENSO provides products based on its cutting‑edge technologies. These include traction inverters for controlling electric drive motors and regenerating energy, and drive battery monitoring units for power electronics systems.

Traction inverters are critical to the control of electric motors. DENSO provides inverters boasting the world stop discharge power density with a new cooling technology that limits temperature levels in built‑in semiconductor power devices*. This cooling technology is based on both radiator cooling technologies and electronics technologies that have been developed through in‑house production of semiconductor devices.

DENSO will continue to assist the advancement of hybrid vehicles by developing new technologies and products. Power Control Unit - Higher output power is required for luxury hybrid vehicles, as well as smaller packaging for full‑line implementation of hybrid systems. DENSO has achieved 60% increase in power density (output power per unit volume) from conventional models by a dramatic improvement of cooling performance.

High voltage relay for the safety and protection of hybrid systems. By arranging magnets opposite each other and lengthening the arc path with magnetic force, it all ...Please navigate Paper pages for more details.

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